Advert Tracking and Measuring

Us? Let me tell you all about it!

"I think it paid for itself within a matter of days!" Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford

Whilst working as the Sales & Marketing Manager for a local business, the founder of Media Spy fell upon an idea to track and measure the response that the business was getting from their 'significant' advertising spend. He knew only some adverts were working, but didn't know which.

The net result when the idea was applied - a near 70% reduction in expenditure (if you want exact figures, it was 68.8%) with absolutely no loss in inbound enquiries whatsoever.

The idea was so extremely successful that a business was waiting to be born.

Since its inception, Media Spy has helped numerous companies achieve similar levels of savings (our case studies will elaborate for you) and we're keen to see if we can do the same for you.

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Phone Number Ranges

We are able to supply you with virtually any type of landline telephone number available, including numbers which fall outside of your normal geographic area. more

Case Studies

  • Bradford Hotel

    A luxury 4 star hotel discovered one or two surprises when they used our AdTracker™. more

  • Wedding Venue

    This beautiful wedding venue in the heart of Yorkshire were able to reduce their annual advertising budget considerably... more