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Frequently Asked Questions.

"A quite tremendous idea really" Street Lane Dental Centre, Leeds.

Q: Is AdTracker™ available to any type of business?
A: Yes. Although some will benefit more than others. Those who benefit the most will be those who advertise in a multitude of different places.

Q: Can I track my current telephone numbers?
A: Whilst we may be able to transfer and track any 0845 or 0800 numbers you may have, unfortunately we are unable to track standard BT supplied STD (Standard Trunk Dialling) numbers.

Q: What is the minimum contract period?
A: All our arrangements are for 12 months. We recommend that you do a full 12 month cycle to ensure that all seasonal trends and variations are accounted for within your advertising.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of 0845, 0800 or STD numbers that I can have?
A: No. You can have as many numbers as you need and can track each one individually through the AdTracker™ software.

Q: Why do BT charge £10 line rental plus call charges for each 0845 number, but you charge nothing more than the annual fee?
A: By carefully selecting our suppliers we are able to offer an unlimited amount of numbers that BT choose to charge a premium for. A very small percentage of our income is generated through calls made to your 0845 numbers.

Q: Do you offer any additional services?
A: We are in the process of developing a number of additional services for clients, including reduced outbound telephone calls, web design and an independent advertising consultancy.

Q: Do I need to change my current phone number?
A: Not at all, that stays intact - but it's not something that AdTracker™ can monitor for you. We simply suggest that you put a different and unique number in each of the adverts you do to allow you to track the performance of each advert. Afterall, the people who respond to your ads are unlikely to know you or your telephone number anyway.

Q: Are you able to offer 0800 numbers in addition to the 0845 and STD numbers?
A: Yes we can. Although as with STD numbers, you pay for calls to 0800 numbers and these carry an additional minimum charge of £10 per month to cover the cost of calls.

Q: What are the call charges for 0800 numbers and STD numbers?
A: To receive calls from your STD numbers will cost 2.5p per minute and 4.95p per minute to receive calls from 0800 numbers. Remember, there is a minimum charge of £10 per month to cover the cost of calls.

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