Advert Tracking and Measuring

We're talking telephone numbers!

"Now we know what advertising to buy and what to avoid!" Pickup Skips, Wakefield.

Telephone numbers are the key to the service we provide. By using a different telephone number in each of your adverts you can determine how many calls each advert generates.

The choice of numbers is yours.

0845 numbers

  • Calls are charged at a local rate irrespective of where your caller is calling from
  • The perceived size of your company is significantly enhanced
  • Because 0845 numbers are non-geographic your area of business is not limited to a localised region
  • There is absolutely no risk of misuse as all calls are charged to the caller, unlike 0800 numbers where 100% of the calls are paid for by you
  • There is no need to buy additional hardware so all the benefits are available using your standard telephone sytem, irrelevant of manufacturer or supplier
  • Numbers can be set up and calls can be routed to your number within 48 hours of receiving your payment
  • If you move premises there is no need to change your phone number as your 0845 numbers simply go with you


STD (Standard Trunk Dialling)

  • STD numbers can have exactly the same dialling code as your existing number, so callers will know they are calling a local business
  • You can advertise in areas where you don't have a physical presence but give the impression that you are still local to the caller
  • Callers feel safe calling a number with an STD code, safe in the knowledge that the cost of the call will be minimal
  • The majority of purchases are made within 5 miles of the home or office. Local STD numbers make you appear more local


0800 numbers

  • 0800 numbers incentivise buyers to call you as calls to 0800 are widely recognised as free
  • If you move premises there is no need to change your phone number as your 0800 numbers simply go with you
  • Using an 0800 number portrays a strong customer caring image to prospective customers
  • In a similar way to 0845 numbers, 0800 numbers are non-geographic, so your business is not restricted to a localised area. However, all calls to 0800 numbers are paid for by you

Please note that calls received on 0800 numbers are charged to you at 4.95p per minute. Calls received on STD numbers are charged at 2.5p per minute. Calls received on 0845 numbers are free. A minimum monthly charge of £10 + VAT is applied to cover the cost of calls should you choose 0800 or STD numbers.

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