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Keeping your home leak and problem free is, is goes without saying, vital. Any leak coming into your home from outside is a problem which needs to be fixed by a professional without delay as the problems which may occur as a result of the leak can be very expensive indeed.

Of course, it may not be the slates or tiles on your house which are at fault. Your chimney breast may have flaking or missing cement pointing (the bit between the bricks in layman's terms) and water ingress may be causing damp patches on your internal walls. Similarly, it may be the lead flashing at the base of your chimney or where any felt or bitumen meets the main walls of your house which needs looking at.

Either way, you should call on the services of a professional roofing company. There are many companies around the UK who have an expertise in uncovering and repairing the causes of leaks – dedicated contractors who understand how your home is constructed and who can pinpoint what needs to be done to fix your leak problem.

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But these experts aren't just limited to fixing leaking roofs. They should be able to construct a brand new roof using a selection of materials, from slate and tile (usually used for pitched roofs) or 2 or 3 layer built up felt, rubber or fibreglass for flat roofing. Your contractor will also be able to fit soffits and fascias in uPVC and guttering (metal, wood or plastic) as well as install new drain pipes.

Every contractor will normally give you an estimate (this should be free – it's rare for anyone to charge to give you a price) and most will offer extensive guarantees for any work they do for you. If the firm you choose is a member of the NFRC then they will be able to offer you an insurance backed guarantee. This means that the guarantee will stay in place even if the company you use goes out of business for any reason.

Whatever city you are in, you should have no problem finding a quality contractor, but as with any tradesman, ask a few questions of the company, invite them round at a time to suit you and check out their credentials. Not every roofing contractor will be as perfect as they say. You may want to see some of the work they have done already, or ask to speak to some of their customers. Whatever you plan to do to make sure that your chosen company is competent enough to work on your home, just make sure you do it!

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